PuffCuff Hair Clamp Review

Hola everyone!

I was very excited to try this product because I have been tired of using my bootleg version of black ponytail holders - I cut the feet of pantyhose to tie up these rizos.

I am extremely tender headed (who would've thought with all this hair, huh) and that was my only remedy of rockin' a ponytail or messy bun without pain until I received the PuffCuff Hair Clamp in the mail.  It claimed to be the only hair clamp for thick, coily, textured hair.

Check out my process

Two day/ slightly stretched hair

I grabbed my hair into ponytail form with my hand and followed the directions given:  

  1.  Insert the teeth of both arms into hair on both sides of the head. 
  2.  Bring the arms around toward each other and hook the ends together by twisting with        your thumb and index finger.


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Yes, it was that simple!



I wore this clamp during the week to really test it out and I brought some of my backup "pantyhose hair ties" just in case it would pop open or if my head started hurting.  I ran, worked out at the gym, and even went bike riding with the PuffCuff Hair Clamp in my hair and it was so comfortable that I actually forgot it was in my hair!  

Not to mention, they are very reasonably priced - $11.99!!  Folks, you can not go wrong.

Ladies and gents, head over to www.puffcuffhairclamp.com and get yours today!  



Wash Yo Rizos day! Dark & Lovely Anti-Breakage product review

For the most part, you all know that I LOVE the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale anti-shrinkage line.  So when I found out they were launching the anti-breakage products, I was suppppper excited to try it.  

So here we go -  below is 8 day dirty pelo.  




Process Time: 1 hour and 7 minutes

Products (l to r):  

Ecostyler styling gelDark and Lovely Au Naturale anti-breakage Root to Tip menderDark and Lovely Au Naturale anti-breakage Strength Restoring conditionerDark and Lovely Au Naturale anti-breakage Tension Release hair wash

Wash:  1X with Dark and Lovely Au Naturale anti-breakage Tension Release hair wash

Condition/Detangle:  Dark and Lovely Au Naturale anti-breakage Strength Restoring conditioner. Finger combed hair from ends to root and rinsed with cold water.

Style:  Coated hair with Dark and Lovely Au Naturale anti-breakage Root to Tip mender and then applied Ecostyler styling gel.

Diffused hair for 9 minutes on low heat.

Seal: (not shown)

Ella's concoctions Quickie Oil for women

VERDICT:  Thumb Up


  • The scent- all of the products have a delightful citrusy fragrance
  • After one wash, my hair felt clean and product buildup free
  • The conditioner was thick in consistency which made it easy for detangling
  • Reasonably priced


  • My hair felt drier than normal so I had to add more quickie oil after styling
  • The root to tip mender was too thick for my texture of hair (it is fine despite the volume)
  • Significant amount of shrinkage

I really enjoyed trying out the products.  The hair wash definitely lived up to its name - the rizos were definitely squeaky clean. I would use the conditioner consistently because I really liked the slip of it and it was significantly easier to detangle. I can also use it as a deep conditioner as mentioned on the label - Score!  I would have to try using a lesser amount of the root to tip mender so my hair won't feel weighed down.  

I recommend these products.  I have not been disappointed with Dark and Lovely products and the best part is they do not cost a fortune!

Thanks Dark and Lovely!



Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Breakage launch

I was invited to celebrate the launch of Dark and Lovely's New Au Naturale Anti-Breakage line at the New York hotspot No. 8.  Try to imagine a room full of gorgeous women (and some men) with beautiful, flowing, lustrous manes.  From long to short hair and loose ringlets to fabulous up-do's.  It was TOTAL sensory overload - I think I'm still suffering from whiplash, LOL!  

Also, there was a special performance by Marsha Ambrosius and the delicious food was provided by Chef Roblé.  

Check it out! 

Photos by:  Pete Monsanto


Model Wakeema Hollis

The BEAUTIFUL Dark and Lovely ladies

 Chef Roblé

Natural Hair Vlogger Taren Guy

Marsha Ambrosius

Natural Hair Vlogger Jouelzy 

Host, DJ, & culture critic Amanda Seales

Mr. Pete Monsanto

This was the awesome giveaway! (keep scrolling down) 



Stay tuned for the review on the hair products...

Be Yours!


Highland Park

All the single ladies (All the single ladies)

All the single ladies (All the single ladies)

Now put your hands up!

Ok Ok I'm putting my hands down....

I believe Valentine's Day is just like any other day.  The only difference is you wait longer for a table at a restaurant and you may feel a little down if you are dateless.  But don't fret! 

Here are five ways to beat your Valentine's Day blues:

1.  Treat yourself to something special- since you are not spending your moolah on some dude, you might as well spend it on YOU!

2.  Make it Ladies Night- round up your unattached amigas and paint the town Pink! Who know who you'll meet.

3.  Plan a Party- invite your friends over and serve some signature cocktails and tapas.  To kick it up a notch, create a theme like "Red Lips only" - my fav by the way.

4.  Create your zen- go to a yoga class, meditate, or go to a spa to relax and get a massage.

5.  Book a trip and leave!- there's nothing like spending the day on a beach.

So instead of waiting to receive a conversation heart printed with the message "Be Mine" - Be Yours!



FYI:   Indulging (just a little) on dark chocolate is good for the heart- your heart!  

Studies show that eating a small amount of dark chocolate two to three times a week can lower your blood pressure.  It improves blood flow and may help prevent the formation of blood clots. 

Photos by:  Maleknaz

Suit: Vintage

Shoes:  Melissa by Vivienne Westwood

Lipstick:  MAC Ruby Wood and Morange 

Wash Yo Rizos Day! My niece Zoë

I visited my niece a couple of weeks ago and it was WASH DAY!  I was excited to see the regimen my sister created for her and the hair care products she uses.

Below Zoë had 7 day dirty hair. 


Washing her hair requires a team effort

Process Time: 39 mins

Wash: 2X with Everyday Shea Moisturizing Shampoo (Vanilla Mint scent). 

Condition/Detangle:  Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan oil conditioner.  First wide toothed combed hair from ends to root and then flat brushed hair from root to ends.  Rinsed under luke warm water and hair was retwisted.

Style: (not shown) Coated hair with Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie and air dried.

** I was unable to get an "AFTER" picture of Zoe's hair (it was still wet when I left) BUT here is the result of how her hair would look after her twists have dried.

*** Sorry about the face she was having a "moment" lol!

** On a side note check out the humanitarian benefits for purchasing from the Everyday Shea line - http://www.everydayshea.com/empowerment.asp



Chrisette Michele talks music and natural hair

Dark and Lovely invited me to stop by their booth at the 1st annual Bennett Career Institute  & C. Allan Systems First Annual Celebrity Beauty Weekend with guest artist Chrisette Michele and it went a little something like this...

No shrinkage makes us HAPPY!

The End

Special Thanks to: AriJazmin (video and photos) 

Check out Dark and Lovely on Facebook and Instagram



In Black y Blanco

Location:  Highland Park

My favorite thing to wear this winter is a crisp suit. I normally wear them to work but I decided to switch it up and rock it with comfy sneakers in my fav color combo, black y blanco.

Photos by: Maleznaz

Blazer: Koton

Shirt:  Forever21

Pants:  Zara

Sunglasses: Chanel

Sneakers:  Converse Jack Purcell

Play With It Project by Vaughn Dabney

The Play With It Project (http://youcanplaywithit.com) is the missing conversation that sheds light on the natural hair movement as well as some of the experiences of the journey. Including exclusive interviews from women such as: Celebity Natural Hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood, Natural Hair Guru Mae (Natural Chica), Author Alex Elle and ME! Using film and photography, Vaughn Dabney, has been working on this project for the past four years while living in Atlanta, Georgia.

The coffee table book will highlight the different hairstyles seen in the natural hair community today ranging from low-cut and beautifully bald, to thick and kinky afros. The book has a special twist to it though...it will also be a resource. Located in the second half of the book will be an index corresponding to a woman's page. It will contain her hair regimens, care tips, and other useful information for women transitioning or currently natural. This is probably the most valuable portion of the book.

The documentary of course is the conversation. Delving into the lives of women AND men that have been interviewed. Telling their experiences through stories and poems.

Now that the project is almost complete, I'd like to share this with you first. If what you see is noteworthy, please feel free to use any materials on the site in order to spread the word and share this project. 

Contact info

Email: vaughndabney@gmail.com

Project website: http://youcanplaywithit.com

Instagram: @mrdabney

Twitter: @vaughndabney

Dominicans con RIZOS - (Part 5) Meet Stephanie!

Tell me about your hair journey.

I decided to go natural two years ago.  Up until then I was the "typical" Dominican girl going to the salon every week.  One day I decided I was tired of straight hair and wanted to try something new.  A friend encouraged me to go natural after seeing my natural hair while on vacation. In the beginning it was really hard as I navigated through diffident products and various styling methods. When I visited my first curly salon, the stylist asked me if I relaxed my hair because it had so much heat damage. I never relaxed it but you couldn't tell looking my hair wet.  I've had to cut off at least 8-10 inches from my hair but I had no choice as my ends were completely ruined. When I first started my transition, my family couldn't understand why I didn't straighten my hair and would try to convince me to go to the salon. I am completely happy with my hair and now wear my curls proudly.

What's your occupation? What have you experienced in wearing your natural hair?

I currently work as an allocation analyst at a fashion company. I've been with this company for about 4 months and in the beginning I would always wear my hair tied up in a bun.  One day I decided to leave my hair out and everyone would ask me about my hair and whoever passed by my desk would compliment me. Several people asked me why I didn't wear my hair out more often. Slowly I began to wear my hair out all the time and feel completely comfortable doing so. I am really lucky to work in a creative industry where originality is encouraged.  

Photos by: Maleknaz

Curly Girl Diaries- Episode 1


I am honored to be the very first segment of the Curly Girl Diaries Project for 2014!  This project was created by my super creative and talented buddy Pete Monsanto of FlyLifeImages. I'm not sure if you all remember him but he was the photographer of my post 'Impromptu Shoot- NYC'. 

Ok so here's how it all went down.  As I arrived on location, I introduced myself to the lovely makeup artist Nicole Frances and Shayne Brooks filming behind the scene video and stills and we got straight to work.  With an iTunes music shuffle of PharrellJ*Davey and Mayer Hawthorne playing in the studio - the creative juices started to flow.  In a matter of four hours - makeup was done, three looks were photographed and a video was filmed.  Oh yeah! As for the video, I just wanted to speak briefly and give my opinion when asked that infamous question "Do you think wearing your natural hair is a fad"?   

A huge Thank You to the team who braved the frigid weather to capture such amazing pics.

This project was a total blast!  I hope you enjoy it.




Wash Yo Rizos Day! My niece Sanai

I visited my niece a couple of weeks ago and it was WASH DAY! I was excited to see the regimen my sister created for them and what hair care products she uses. Below Sanai had 6 day dirty pelo.  Check out the process below...

BEFORE (braid out)



Process Time: 46 mins

Wash: 1X with Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo.  My sister Ceci normally uses this product on Sanai once a month to remove all of the buildup from her hair.

Condition/Detangle:  Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan oil conditioner and Herbal Essence Honey I'm Strong conditioner.  Wide toothed combed hair from ends to root and twisted.  Rinsed under luke warm water and hair was untwisted.

Style: Coated hair with Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie and air dried.  No fluffing needed (she's lucky).



It's Brick outside! As a New Yorker would say

Image 70.jpg

With the temperature rapidly dropping and already experiencing our first winter storm, I was filled with nostalgia for this beautiful fall day.  

I met up with my friend Ari in DC (13th and U St. NW to be exact) and we took advantage of an unseasonable warm afternoon to take some pics.  She scoped out this spot and just started snapping away.... 

Image 42.jpg
Image 81.jpg

Ya'll know I love a jumping picture! 

Quick Getaway- St. Pete Beach, FL

I was in Florida this past weekend for a much needed getaway.  I arrived at night so a lot of places I did see were not captured but we stayed at this adorable hotel called the Postcard Inn.  It is a hidden gem.  From the outside it looked sort of abandoned but check out how cool the interior is....

It felt GREAT to dig my heels in the sand and hang out in a bikini all day in the middle of December.  If you are ever in this area I would def check it out, you will not be disappointed.  



Impromptu Photoshoot - NYC

A couple of weeks ago I was home visiting family and friends.  After brunch at The Smith (the french toast was ahhhmazing), my friends and I decided to check out the shoe store Melissa.  While waiting for my amiga to pay for her purchase, I ended up getting into a hair convo with the employees there - from how haircuts make a difference, to how long your hair really is after straightening it, and the infamous question "Is that reeeeally all your hair" hahahaa.  After responding "Yes", I noticed in a store full of women there was only one guy in there and I was sure he was over our talk.... but maybe not!  After we left, we were trying to figure out our next spot, he approached me.   He introduced himself as Pete and asked if he can take some photos of me.  Of course I was reluctant (in my head) because you never know these days but I said "Sure"!  After handing me his card, he pulled out his camera and began to shoot.  Once he was done, we started to chat about his business card, music and hair!  So Pete is actually a celebrity photographer and has shot the likes of Kanye West, Big Sean, Wolf James and Elle Varner to name a few but ironically he photographs my one of my hair crushes Rene' Daniella (@ownbyfemme)!   

Please enjoy Pete's work....

Check out more of Pete Monsanto's work 

Website: flylifeimages.com

Instagram: @flylifeimages