PuffCuff Hair Clamp Review

Hola everyone!

I was very excited to try this product because I have been tired of using my bootleg version of black ponytail holders - I cut the feet of pantyhose to tie up these rizos.

I am extremely tender headed (who would've thought with all this hair, huh) and that was my only remedy of rockin' a ponytail or messy bun without pain until I received the PuffCuff Hair Clamp in the mail.  It claimed to be the only hair clamp for thick, coily, textured hair.

Check out my process

Two day/ slightly stretched hair

I grabbed my hair into ponytail form with my hand and followed the directions given:  

  1.  Insert the teeth of both arms into hair on both sides of the head. 
  2.  Bring the arms around toward each other and hook the ends together by twisting with        your thumb and index finger.


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Yes, it was that simple!



I wore this clamp during the week to really test it out and I brought some of my backup "pantyhose hair ties" just in case it would pop open or if my head started hurting.  I ran, worked out at the gym, and even went bike riding with the PuffCuff Hair Clamp in my hair and it was so comfortable that I actually forgot it was in my hair!  

Not to mention, they are very reasonably priced - $11.99!!  Folks, you can not go wrong.

Ladies and gents, head over to www.puffcuffhairclamp.com and get yours today!