The reason why I shaved my head.


Special thanks to:

Filmmaker Sam Song of Spare Tire Productions for bringing my vision to light.  You are truly the best!

Photographer MalekNaz Freidouni of for taking such beautiful photos and being such an awesome friend.

Hairstylist Gianne Nascimento for buzzing my hair to perfection and being part of such a profound moment with me.

Designer Virginia Arrisueño of DeNada for allowing me to use your beautiful studio.  I am forever grateful.

And to ALL of you that constantly support and follow me along this journey - THANK YOU!!!

I hope you enjoy!



#iamlettingGO DC recap

Last week I held the #iamlettingGO video screening in DC at Eighteenth Street Lounge (ALL because of my friend Linda who made it happen) and the turnout was way more than I ever imagined.  I just want to say Thank You to everyone who not only came to support but who also shared their stories including Kristina who was so brave to "let go" on stage.  Each and every one of you have truly inspired me with your openness and watching you all connect because of your beautiful struggles.  Also, BIG thanks to Pierre Edwards of for capturing all of these beautiful moments so perfectly.




I was on Good Morning Washington!

I have been quite the busy one this year on social media - tons of photoshoots, filming videos, writing articles but this is the first time I was on national TV!  Crazy, right?  

I mean being on TV has always been a goal of mine (I did have it on my dream board) but I imagined my first experience being a little different.  I pictured myself behind the scenes and calling creative shots but I couldn't have thought of a more perfect time and topic to discuss that is near and dear to my heart.

The #iamlettingGO campaign has grown a life of it's own and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to share a little bit about it and promote my event that took place December 11th at Eighteenth Street Lounge.  A HUGE thanks to everyone who was able to attend and make it a huge success!

Catch the full interview HERE!



#iamlettingGO DC EVENT


After a successful (and sold out) event in NYC, there was NO WAY I wasn't going to have a screening here in DC!

So for some of you that are new to my blog, I created the “#IamlettingGO” campaign after a realization that so many people were going through life transitions. 

For the first week of the campaign, I shared on social media outlets what I was "letting GO" and encouraged my followers to do the same with the hashtag “#iamlettingGO.” More than 500 people have shared to date. 

Please join me as I will be unveiling the real reason why I cut my signature shoulder length curls in a heartfelt video at this event.  

** Screening will be followed by a Q&A session and attendees will be encouraged to share their transitions/beautiful struggles.  Be prepared for special guests and some surprises at Eighteenth Street Lounge.

Purchase your tickets HERE !

Can't wait to meet you all.



#iamlettingGO NYC Video Screening Recap

I am reallllly excited to share these pictures with you from my #iamlettingGO video screening sponsored by Crème of Nature and Dark and Lovely at Pulse Karaoke Lounge located in the heart of NYC!!!!  

Ok so to bring you up to speed, if you don’t follow me on Instagram, I started a campaign called #iamlettingGO after the realization that so many people were going through life transitions.  It was a platform for people to share their beautiful struggles and anything they were letting go of in order to move forward with any aspirations they've given up on.  

Within a month, over 500 participated, shared and encouraged each other not to give up.  I was shocked at the response! So I felt it was only right to share my personal story (which I did through video) about my transition which included shaving off my signature shoulder length curls. But more than anything I wanted to meet everyone in person !


The first 25 guests were gifted with full sized products from Crème of Nature’s Straight from Eden which is their new Natural Oil-Infused hair care line powered by coconut, avocado and olive oils all of which are essential for healthy hair.


We also handed out tags to everyone and asked them to share something they were “letting go” of.  Keep scrolling and you’ll see why……

My friend Monica Stevens of

My friend Monica Stevens of


The crowd and the energy was just magnificent!

Celebrity hairstylist Mr. Johnny Wright

Celebrity hairstylist Mr. Johnny Wright

Everyone asked great questions!

Throughout the night, we gathered each guest’s tag that participated and attached them to balloons...

To let them all go into the beautiful New York City sky.

My friend Stephanie totally surprised me with her shirt.  How awesome!!

The curly haired blogger crew totally represented in full effect.

The LUCKY winner of the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Basket!


Some of you have asked where the video can be viewed.  Stay tuned for upcoming screenings at a city near you!




All photos by Pete Monsanto of FlyLifeImages

Sneak Peak: #iamlettingGO teaser

I'm so excited about the video that I wanted to share a sneak peak with you all.

Please join me as I will be unveiling why I cut my signature shoulder length curls in a heartfelt video at my #iamlettingGO event.  

** Screening will be followed by a Q&A session with me and attendees will be encouraged to share their transitions/beautiful struggles.  We'll then celebrate and sing our hearts away with unlimited karaoke and great drink & food specials at Pulse Karaoke Lounge in NYC!

Purchase your tickets HERE !

Can't wait to see you there.



Entry: #iamlettingGO


Thank you @georgefauntleroy for sharing!


My Mood ! A new insight on life, people, love, circumstances, and my surroundings. I'm doing me. I've let go of all the unbalanced energy that surrounds. If I feel uncomfortable, I will leave the situation. I will not be drawn into other peoples insecurities. I am letting go of inauthenticity - the clicks, the circles, the naysayers, the haters, the others that talk about you and who really don't get it ! The ones who do will see through your flaws and continue to support you !

Entry: #iamlettingGO

Thank you @thephoenixrisingcollective for sharing!

Repost :

I am letting go of any noise that interferes with being able to hear God’s voice. I want to hear when Spirit speaks to me. It’s as simple as that. I know this action leads to greatness, to clarity, to making sound decisions from a place of inner strength and power, and to peace of mind. So, I am letting go of the noise - anything that blocks the path: negative self-talk, over-thinking, worry, naysayers, and busyness.  #iamlettingGO 

Thank you @rock_yo_rizos for the beautiful reminder. You're an inspiration! Phoenixes share what you're letting go of. Be self-love in action.

Entry: #iamlettingGO

Thank you @beauty_skindeep for sharing!


#iamlettingGO... of the stigma attached to being a single mom. I refuse to live under the constant struggle of negative emotions and the feeling that I cannot effectively raise a child on my own. I choose to trust God and to always stand on His Word. I believe the best days of my life are ahead of me and that the grace of God over my life is sufficient. He's walking this thing out with me, always.  -Inspired by @rock_yo_rizos 

Entry: #iamlettingGO

Thank you @authorcppatrick for sharing!


#IAmLettingGo of what society says success should look like. Recently, I did the unthinkable -- I walked away from a six-figure job to pursue my passion. Although I made excellent money, I was miserable. Storytelling is what feeds my soul. And I know the money will come as I walk in my divine purpose. You know what success looks like? Happiness! And I've never been happier. Happiness is the highest level of success ♡ 

My Entry: #iamlettingGO - The New Look!

#iamlettingGO of all of the pressures that I put on myself for other people.

#IamlettingGO of my insecurities that people have found to be so beautiful.

#iamlettingGO of the negative energy I have surrounded myself around.

#iamlettingGO of what I thought was love.

#iamlettingGO and learning to live my life of happiness.

#iamlettingGO and loving the skin I live in.

#iamlettingGO and starting from SCRATCH.

Thank You's:

To my dearest and super talented friend Maleknaz for capturing such a beautiful moment and always being there, right on time.

Gianne - for bringing my vision of this buzzcut to reality.  I couldn't think of a better person to share this moment with.

Virginia of DeNada for allowing me to have this moment in your beautiful space and giving me the chance to share your beautiful energy.  I am forever grateful.



P.S. There's more coming and I will answer ALL of your questions so STAY TUNED!!!

My Entry: #iamlettingGO

#iamletting GO of always being "busy" and being somewhat inconsiderate.

Quality time with my sister is so important.  I realized that I hadn't seen her in at least three months (not even on FaceTime).  I would call her just to complain about my day instead of just laughing and being silly with each other like ol' times.  When we would speak my responses to her "How are you's" was always "I'm tired."  I'm going to work on balancing my career and family time.  So Ceci, get used to seeing me more often.  I love you and I can't wait to see you again.  I will call you tonight to plan out my next visit.

What are you letting GO of?  Please leave a comment.  I would love to know.