Tourist in my own city

Ok so, how many of you have been born and raised or lived in a state/country for a long time and have yet to visit any of the known tourist attractions?  I know, I'm guilty too.  I mean I am originally from New York City (The Bronx to be specific) and I haven't been to the Statue of Liberty yet! *insert surprised emoji face* 

So I started this ritual of taking myself on dates to the Smithsonian museums here in Washington, DC.  Not only because they are free (yes, free!) but I've lived here for almost five years and if someone asked me about them, I couldn't even respond without googling. So I wanted to learn more about my city than just the restaurants and bars.  

Here is what I found out during my visit to The National Gallery of Art:

  • The museum has an East and West building.
  • The National Gallery of Art owns the only painting by Leonardo Da Vinci in the Western Hemisphere.
  • They have a sculpture garden and the garden's centered on a circular pool, which is transformed into an ice skating rink during the winter.


Photos: Malek Naz Freidouni

    Coat and scarf: Zara

    Boots: Rag and Bone

    Three stripes

    I have always had this "thing" for Adidas.  Fron one, they are super comfortable but I totally associate them with growing up in the Boogie Down Bronx.  I will never forget when I saw my first pair on a girl on MTV back in the day when they used to show music videos. I just knew I needed a pair and that's when my love affair began.  I mean, I remember when I used to save my allowance to go to B Boy (breakdancing) competitions but mainly to see what everyone was wearing and how they were rocking their shell toes.

    Man, those were the days!

    I really love these Adidas Superstar Up's because they've maintained their signature style but added a subtle 1.5" hidden inner wedge for us short girls.  Yaaaaas! Like if I needed another reason to love them.


    Photos: Ari Melenciano

    Top and Bottom: Zara

    Sneakers: Adidas

    Faux Fab Find


    I have been looking for the perfect faux fur jacket since the beginning of the winter.  The ones I found, I thought they were ALL too expensive and just weren't the right color.  I didn't want buy the typical black or anything with patterns because I felt it would be too overwhelming for my small frame.  But I got lucky! I found this olive green beauty at Zara on sale for 60 bucks!! Wooo Hooo ! I think I have about a good two weeks to rock it before the weather changes * fingers crossed*

    What fab finds have you guys found?  (geez, try saying that three times, lol)


    Photos: Ari Melenciano

    D/CITY No. 6 Issue Outtakes

    Location: American Ice Co. Washington, DC

    I'm so happy I got chance to be a part of D/City "The Secret Issue" street style section.  What a blast!

    Here are some of the outtakes...

    Jacket: Barneys

    Shirt, Pants and Shoes: Zara


    Photos: Sebastian Marin

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